As Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), the largest public school district in Indiana, continues to take strides toward educational reinvention, so does its district-wide experience. While a combination of precise color palette and limited font choices created a level of consistency throughout district assets, from school logos, to district event promotions and school authority presentations, it also provided room for unwanted redundancy. The trickiest task has been to provide a fresh face lift to the brand while using familiar assets stakeholders are already accustomed to.

By identifying gaps between perception and representation, IPS has began restructuring its visual identity with a new system of assets, language and tools. Since initiating the new effort to revamp, the district’s color palette and brand guidelines have been expanded, allowing room to make strides in revamping even the smallest of assets to a modern design style while using more up-to-date design practices. By implementing the expanded color palette and refined design technique, stakeholders can now expect fresh new looks on some of their most informative and interactive information.